John Lewell

Hi, I’m John Lewell and I’m addicted to street photography.

I’m not an alcoholic, however.

I’ve done stuff besides photography, mostly writing of one sort or another: freelance journalism, various books on photographic software, computer graphics, even Japanese literature.

Unfortunately I never did learn German and Russian in the summer vacation, as instructed by my director of studies (Michael Jaff√©, at Cambridge U.) “They will come in useful whether you’re a famous art historian [implication: like me] or a bum on a beach.”

I’ve not been a bum on a beach, although, according to accepted wisdom being a street photographer is not necessarily much higher up the ladder of human achievement.

Ours is not a profession. There is a loosely knit confederacy of street photographers, many of whom observe a code of behavior befitting a profession, but interaction between us is usually restricted to getting out of the way when we bump into each other on the street.

I’ve decided to create what you see here because, despite devising the world’s first directory of commercial Internet products and writing 4,000+ other news articles for internet.com, this is my first actual blog. I want to use it to inform, educate, and entertain people who’ve been attracted to the same subject: the human comedy as it’s played out on the streets of our major cities.

I’ve spent much of my life in big cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, and Bangkok. Only in the cauldron of Bangkok do I find real inspiration, but I’ve taken a few passable shots elsewhere. Like everyone, I’m still learning as I take more pictures and experiment with strategies, techniques and equipment.

Best of all, street photography doesn’t stop me delving into other subjects, promoting my partner’s business, or reading the latest novel from Michel Houellebecq. (I might point out that writing novels doesn’t stop Houellebecq from having his own photography exhibitions).

In my exhibition “John Lewell: Reconnecting,” London 2015, I showed a selection of artworks constructed from fragments of my street photography. Now I’ve returned to the quixotic task of creating single-image photos in which all the elements are in the right place without moving them around in post production.

If you’re only now making a start with street photography I hope you’ll find useful tips and examples from these pages.

If you need a one-page directory about photography in general, you can go to my www.photostartsheet.com for 1000+ organised links. I use it as my starting page for browsing the Internet.

Please check back for frequent updates.

Let me know if any of the posts are helpful. And get some great shots!