market stall with a devil sculpture

Limber Up Before You Take Street Photos

In my eBook “100 Top Street Photography Tips” there is Number 81 and it’s called “Limber Up.” I don’t think anyone will misunderstand it to the extent of physically stretching and bending before taking their camera equipment out on to the street. That’s because it’s one of several “Psychological Tips,” mental insights, tricks, approaches to … Read more

couple walking hand in hand

An Evening Walk Down Oxford Street

I’m going to tell you a secret. I have a habit of stockpiling these blog posts, writing several of them in advance, then sometimes scheduling them to appear, automatically, on successive weekends. But habits are meant to be broken, especially if you’re a street photographer, and today I’m bringing you the latest crop of images. … Read more

man stooping in front of stall

I Love It When People Stoop

When people bend down in the street there’s usually a good reason for it. They’re picking up something important, or attending to an urgent task. No one “stoops in the street” (that sounds a bit rude, doesn’t it?) without good reason. In public it’s far more comfortable and dignified to remain vertical. As a street … Read more