Why I Wrote “100 Top Street Photography Tips”

It seems like only five minutes since I was explaining Why I Wrote Street Photography Is Cool — which has now become the first book in a series of two.

The main reason was to issue some helpful advice to people who are just getting started with street photography. Although they can glean a lot from Street Photography Is Cool, that previous book is really an in-depth analysis of the medium rather than a practical guide.

By contrast, 100 Top Street Photography Tips is full of practical advice about cameras, lenses, strategies, exposure, focusing, and so on. I’ve subdivided the tips into ten sections, from “Getting Equipped” to “Developing a Personal Style.”

It’s Very Much Shorter
The new book contains relatively little text. Why?

As Wiktionary explains: “Conciseness of expression is an essential characteristic of astute, perceptive, or witty remarks.” Or as Shakespeare put it: “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

I’ve sided with Shakespeare in this instance.

My primary market is aspiring street photographers, many of whom shy away from lengthy texts. They prefer to be out on the street, taking pictures instead of curled up at home with a good book. Personally, I enjoy both activities, but I have to acknowledge that others are different.

It’s Less Expensive
Despite having 100+ illustrations, 100 Top Street Photography Tips is just a fraction of the price of the previous book. In fact, it’s about the same price as a coffee shop cappuccino: US $3.95/UK £2.95.

It’s Got Hidden Depths
Thanks to the miracle of eBook technology, 100 Top Street Photography Tips contains links which automatically launch a web browser — which in turn takes the reader to sources of further information.

Anyway, it’s out there, in the market, ready to be enjoyed, another eBook from Grey Lady Publishing.

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100 Top Street Photography Tips is available only from Amazon.

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